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This reading package is for the kids who have just learned to read. This material is also a good option for children who have special needs. They might have problems to read or problems to concentrade.

To help the reading process there are short sentences and bigger letters in this package. By reading the child improves important skills like reading fluency and reading comprehension.  Lessons are easy to use. The key word is fun. 

Oo’s life reading package is easy to use. You can have online/offline versions. There are many languges available.

The content of Oo’s life reading package:


  • teacher’s book
  • Oo’s life -reading game


  • teacher’s book
  • reading comprehensive exercises
  • reading diploma


  • teacher’s book
  • 15 reading rallies
  • tracking form


  • teacher’s book
  • reading hatchery

Many schools in Finland are using Oo’s life, like city of Jyväskylä. If you are interested to have more information or you would like to try Oo’s life reading package for one year,  please contact.