HiHappening is a new Finnish company founded in the spring of 2017. The company develops reading material intended to motivate children of all ages to read more. Reading material are for mobile devices and PC.

Our aim is to motivate children to read through short stories and fun gameplay. Studies show a clear connection between reading and success in life. Keywords for us are motivation and fun.

There will be many reading packages in the HiHappening product family, aimed for different age ranges.

The first reading package, Oo’s life,  consists of a book with many minigames, reading comprehensive exercises, reading rallies, reading diploma and teacher’s guide books. In summer 2020 there will be also a reading hatchery.

HiHappening is a member of Education Finland project as a startup. Education Finland project is organized by Finnish National Agency for Education.

The Team

Hanna Järvelin


Dea Viinikainen

Marketing director